Micro Scooters featured in John Lewis Christmas Ad

Micro Scooters featured in John Lewis Christmas Ad

We’re so excited that our client Micro Scooter’s products were featured in the much-heralded John Lewis Christmas ad.











If you’d like to buy the Floral Sprite micro-scooter, here’s the product for sale online:


And here’s the dino helmet to do with it.


The whole ad (& get your hankies) can be seen here:

E-commerce strategy: a review of Zulily

E-commerce strategy: a review of Zulily

Interesting article on what it takes to succeed: early success for Zulily wasn’t necessarily sustainable.

“Zulily was seen by many as an example of how entrepreneurs could build a big publicly-traded company in the U.S. that would not get crushed by Amazon….

  • But as Zulily started to expand its product selection to attract new customers, it ran into a few big problems. It began to carry items from bigger brands that are available on competing sites. That eliminated one of its big differentiators from Amazon. Along the way, it found that the new customers it was attracting weren’t becoming repeat customers as frequently as its earlier set of buyers.
  • It also found that its long delivery times — on average more than 10 days — were becoming a problem for more potential shoppers.
  • Additionally, the company didn’t allow returns on most products, a major pain point for many. They have recently begun offering returns for some customers.”

Luxury brands that do well & not so well online [@econsultancy]

Interesting analysis from Graham Charlton  (@gcharlton) in two parts that looks at 5 luxury brands who do online well & 5 that do it not so well.

To quote the author: “I think the key here is providing a great user experience. Too many luxury sites put creativity and visual appeal first and forget that people have to actually use these sites…This perceived clash between creativity and usability is nonsense in my view, and has been used as an excuse to ignore ecommerce best practices like testing and designing with users in mind.

This is not to say that convention and best practice should be slavishly followed, but luxury brands should aim to combine good usability and great design. After all, selling things is the name of the game.”

Here’s a list of the main issues to consider, again quoted directly:

  • Images. This is an important element whatever the site, but luxury sites should ensure that images convey the quality of the products on offer.
  • Video. The use of video on product pages is great for conversion, and luxury brands should make the most of this opportunity.
  • Attention to detail. Little things matter, such as detailed product descriptions.
  • Great copy. The copy on product pages should be reinforcing that luxury feel, while keeping one eye on SEO.
  • Great service. This is something luxury sites should be able to do well. This includes things like prompt delivery and packaging which matches the product.
  • Fonts. Fonts can play a huge part in how websites and content are perceived.

Here are the “good” five: Selfridges, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Bang & Olufsen & Mulberry.

Here are the “not so good” five: Dom Perignon, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel & others.

Choc on Choc featured in popular BBC cooking show

Choc on Choc featured in popular BBC cooking show

We are very excited for Choc on Choc and its founder, Flo Broughton, whose innovative (& patented) chocolate-making business was featured in popular chef Mary Berry’s “Mary Berry Cooks” on 25th March on BBC2.

Flo showed Mary how to make moulded cupcake chocolates as well as chocolate letters at their factory in Rode, Somerset. Choc on Choc designs and produces high quality Belgian chocolates crafted with unique, entertaining and original designs. Popular ranges include chocolate shoes, handbags and golf balls as well various do-it-yourself kits such as chocolate houses and Big Bens.

Watch Flo now on BBC’s iPlayer


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