E-commerce benchmarks 2017

E-commerce benchmarks 2017

Screen Pages has released e-commerce benchmark data regarding visitor sources and behaviour, conversions for retail e-commerce websites, for the summer period April=May 2-17.

The businesses indexed are limited to niche brands, generally selling online, via catalogues and stores, whose online sales range up to £15m per annum and average order values average £72. The websites all use the e-commerce platform Magento. In aggregate, the report tracked the behaviour of 2.3 million website visitors, placing 75,000+ orders and spending £6 million.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Bella di Notte, Christopher Ward, Loake, Micro-Scooters, Van Dal, Rio Beauty, Force 4, Moss Europe, the RSPB, Really Wild Clothing, Salter, Baldwins, and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Average order value £44 £126 £76
£ per visit £0.69 £2.49 £2.41
Conversion rates 0.69% 3.99% 2.7%
Engagement/bounce 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce rate 40.45% 57.1% 46.3%
Home page bounce 12.9% 17.9% 19.2%
Traffic sources = organic search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 30% 54% 43%
Bounce rate 29% 50% 42%
Conversion rate 1.05% 3.63% 2.38%
Traffic sources = paid search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 2% 29% 19%
Bounce rate 15% 56% 34%
Conversion rate 1.2% 5.1% 3.3%
Traffic sources = email 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 3% 19% 12%
Bounce rate 31% 51% 37%
Conversion rate 1.1% 4.4% 3.0%
Traffic sources = direct (none) 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 11% 14% 15%
Bounce rate 43% 60% 50%
Conversion rate 0.7% 5.3% 2.7%
Traffic sources = referrals 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 4% 12% 11%
Bounce rate 35% 56% 48%
Conversion rate 0.7% 2.2% 1.7%


Stand-out out figures

* Overall conversions average at 2.77%, ranging from less than 0.7% to over 3.99%.

* The average £ per visit was £2.41.

* Email remains the best source of revenues: email (when executed well) produces extremely well, converting at 4.0%+ – some retailers do not use email effectively or do not track it properly. 6 of the sample had roughly 15%+ of their traffic from email, with 4 retailers enjoying conversion rates from email of over 7% (the highest being 9.8%).

* Paid search produces an average of 19% of all visits, converting at 3.3%. Five businesses enjoyed conversion rates on paid traffic of over 5%.

* Engagement (as measured by bounce rates) shows a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 19% versus 46%.


Desktop usage 1st Quartile †3rd Quartile †Average
Viewed on desktop % 35% 45% 40%
Bounce on desktop % 38% 46% 38%
Conversion on desktop % 1.3% 5.8% 4.0%
% sales on desktop % 57% 66% 60%
Tablet usage 1st Quartile †3rd Quartile †Average
Viewed on tablet % 17% 27% 24%
Bounce on tablet % 30% 53% 41%
Conversion on tablet % 0.8% 4.3% 3.0%
% sales on tablet % 20% 27% 24%
Mobile usge 1st Quartile †3rd Quartile †Average
Viewed on mobile% 27% 43% 35%
Bounce on mobile % 39% 61% 47%
Conversion on mobile % 0.3% 1.7% 1.1%
% sales on mobile% 11% 19% 15%


Standout figures

Desktops account for less thab half of all traffic but still produce two-thirds of sales, but mobiles have improved to be just over one third of all visits (but lonly 15% of sales).

* 24% of visits are viewed on tablets, mostly iPads, generating 24% of sales.

* 35% of visits are viewed on mobiles, mostly iPhones, generating 15% of sales.

* 40% of visits are viewed on desktops, generating 60% of sales.


The best conversion rate on a mobile was 2.9% – on a responsive “responsive” website (compared to 6.1% for its desktop site).


By Roger Willcocks

Ebizmarts – The Future of Retail

Technology is driving an unprecedented wave of innovation in retail. However, identifying which technologies will have a lasting influence, and which technologies are just ‘hype’ is not always easy.

On top of this, consumers’ expectations and behaviour are constantly evolving, meaning that creating great customer experiences both online and offline has become incredibly important. According to Cisco, 86% of customers will spend more money for a better shopping experience.

To put it simply, when it comes to ecommerce this means that putting an electronic version of your store catalogue on your company’s website doesn’t cut it as an ecommerce solution anymore. Even click-and-collect, unheard of not long ago, is quickly becoming the minimum standard for customers’ delivery expectations.

Moreover, the high street continues to be relevant to the customer experience, especially with the proliferation of pop-up and concept stores. Indeed, for retailers, providing in-store experiences that distinguish your brand from the competition is crucial.

So, as more and more retailers look for ways to distinguish themselves, it is important now more than ever to create a unified online and offline experience for your customers.

Whilst ‘omnichannel’ may be perceived as just another buzzword, it presents a key opportunity for retailers to create unique experiences for their customers.

Although the term ‘omnichannel’ has a number of meanings, overall the term revolves around merging your different sales touch points in order to put your customers at the centre of the retail experience.

Today, customers come to expect their experience in-store to be the same as online, especially in terms of inventory, product knowledge and pricing, as well as, ease of check out. Meaning that even if you are an SMB with one physical location, omnichannel is something you cannot ignore.

At the end of the day, the retailers that will thrive will be the ones who allow customers to shop when, how and where they want.

For example, take click-and-collect. As the proportion of sales fulfilled in-store that were ordered online increase, you now have the opportunity to upsell to collecting customers. Meaning, your in-store customer engagement needs to be adapted.

This is where Magento comes in. Magento makes it possible for you to stay ahead of your competitors through customisable web options and extensions that connect your digital and physical stores.

Indeed, Magento, the world’s most flexible ecommerce platform, allows retailers to achieve commerce without limits.  Being fully open source, the ability to adapt and be nimble to changing consumer behaviour is becoming increasing important, so having the right foundations in place is essential.  Building on these foundations, a true omnichannel architecture can be achieved.

Overall, retail has come a long way from the traditional brick-and-mortar store, and although the advent of ecommerce led many to predict the demise of the high street, for retailers, it is no longer a question of online or in-store. Today top retailers are striving towards:

  • Clienteling – enhanced store assisted selling
  • Queue bustings
  • Apple experience checkout
  • Endless Aisle
  • Multiple in-store shipping options (takeaway, ship to store, ship to home)
  • Buy Online, return to store
  • Inventory visibility across estate
  • Ship from Store (enable store inventory to be accessed online)
  • In-store Carrier Integration


Four years ago, we at ebizmarts realised the importance of merging different retail channels and as a result ebizmarts Point of Sale (POS) for Magento was born.

Coupled with Magento, ebizmarts POS allows you to take Magento into your physical environment. The POS enables retailers to provide an omnichannel experience via a native iOS experience to access Magento, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

To find out more about how ebizmarts POS can take your Magento operations in-store, visit https://pos.ebizmarts.com

This Works launches re-branded & upgraded website

This Works launches re-branded & upgraded website

This Works was created in 2003 by former Beauty Director of Vogue UK and International journalist, Kathy Phillips, as an antidote to modern life, its impact on skin and wellbeing. As both yoga teacher and beauty expert, Kathy understood the link between lifestyle and skin health, creating intelligent, targeted solutions that optimise skin performance 24 hours a day, based on the body clock.

Screen Pages has been managing This Works’ online shop since 2012. E-commerce revenues have more than doubled over that period.

The re-designed website’s main characteristics, developed in Magento, include:
  • A full responsive re-design and re-arrangement of the entire site catalogue & content structure whilst keeping the branding of the site consistent with the previous non-responsive site
  • Addition of subscription-based purchasing for products
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Magento
  • Creation of AJAX add to basket and category page loading functionality
  • Integration with a new back office system – Netsuite – concurrently with the re-design
  • Integration of Elastic search for categories, products and content pages
  • Addition of user generated social content tools within the site


“We have worked with Screen Pages since 2012 and earlier this year Screenpages were tasked with delivering a significant set of upgrades to our Magento site. The chief rationale behind this project was to create the foundations on which we can continue to scale as a business. The Screen Pages team worked diligently to help us meet our very strict deadlines, whilst maintaining quality of delivery. We are encouraged by the early results of the upgrade”

– Joe Fletcher, E-commerce Director at This Works


“It’s been a great pleasure working with the team at This Works over the years and to watch its business thrive and expand.”

– Sarah Wilcocks, Screen Pages Director


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Screen Pages 15th top agency in the South

Screen Pages 15th top agency in the South

Screen Pages is the 15th largest digital agency in the south, according to Wirehive.

The Wirehive 100 awards and league table showcase digital excellence and recognise the outstanding work and exceptional individuals we see time and again from agencies in the southern counties based outside of London.

7th E-commerce Forum and Slides

7th E-commerce Forum and Slides

The 7th E-commerce Forum (now in its 7th year), organised by Amazon Payments, Dotmailer, Cogeco Peer 1 & Screen Pages proved to be a great success. The forum concentrated on marketing, sales & service from an e-commerce best practice perspective – in particular how to increase sales, conversions and improve customer service.

Below you will find the slides:








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