Screen Pages designs, builds and hosts bespoke open source Magento e-commerce websites – nothing else.

Since 2008, we have built one of the best and most successful Magento agencies in the UK,  with a team of 20+ full-time professionals dedicated to designing, building, supporting & hosting Magento websites.

Why Screen Pages?

1. Screen Pages has unrivalled experience in the e-commerce world which it has acquired over the years as a “best practice” e-commerce agency. We have worked on over 300 retail websites since 2000 – predominantly in the lifestyle goods sector, which means we have a keen understanding of online retailing from a business, marketing, technical and creative point of view.

2. We are an official Magento Gold partner with 9 certified developers (out of 13 overall). We engage with Magento on joint solutions – commercially and technically – as well as assisting with customer satisfaction initiatives. This means that clients enjoy best advice, access to skilled & qualified personnel as well as the best support and lowest implementation risk.

3. Screen Pages has conducted over 100 client Magento implementations since early 2009 and delivered over 70 websites. During this time, we have learned much about Magento’s capabilities, what works best and how to optimise & configure Magento for scaleability and performance. We bring this hard experience to all our projects.risk.

4. With over 20 full-time, professional staff – all based in our offices in Wisley, Surrey – we provide on-going service that has stood the test of time. We have dedicated staff for customer support, maintenance and assistance, as well as project managers to provide on-going updates and changes.

Why Magento?

E-commerce has moved along since Screen Pages first started in 2000. New ideas, new technologies and new channels emerge every day and yesterdays’ state-of-the-art is today’s must-have, tomorrow’s standard and next week’s old hat. At Screen Pages, we have always employed best-practice e-commerce thinking to design and create bespoke websites for niche brands, whether they run shops, mail order businesses or operate solely on online. Our e-commerce platform choices are vital. Our clients have benefited from our rich experience and our hand-holding – avoiding the risks associated with smaller, less well-established web development houses.

Since late 2008, we have worked with Magento – one of the first to adopt it in the UK. Magento is a direct response to the emerging new needs of today’s online merchants and provides all the e-commerce staples and many of the new cutting edge capabilities. Importantly, it’s been engineered from the ground up to support multiple sites in multiple languages, catalogues and price lists. It’s SEO and Web 2.0 friendly. It also allows bespoke design and layout, meaning your brand and proposition will still stand out online.

Since we invested in Magento, it has gone from strength to strength: widely used, fast-evolving functionality now boasts the financial and operational support of Ebay, one of the largest Internet companies in the world.

It’s also open source, which means we have access to a wide and growing community of third-party extensions and it’s also portable – retailers are not locked into a single provider.

What is special about Screen Pages’ service?

There are many website developers who use Magento. There are very few who have built successful businesses around it, with proper investment in people, processes and systems. Screen Pages is one of those.

  • We only do e-commerce and we only do Magento
  • Large amount of experience on Enterprise Edition and Community Edition
  • 20+ professional staff dedicated to Magento
  • 4 Certified Magento Specialists
  • 9 Certified Magento Developers
  • 100+ Magento projects
  • 50 active clients
  • Official Magento Enterprise Partner with certification, backed by good relationship with Magento management
  • Structured support service and ongoing updates & advice
  • Excellent partners and relationships in the Magento community
  • Regular client events focussed on Magento best practice


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