Magento: custom website design or theme?

Tweet We are often asked why we do not use pre-built "themes" for Magento implementations. Surely it would be quicker and cheaper? For those in the dark, a "theme" is a set of pre-packaged files that customise the layout, design and in some cases the functionality of...

E-commerce responsive design in Magento: the pros & cons

Summary: Specific mobile support for e-commerce websites has economic return. What are the pros and cons for Magento websites of a responsive design as opposed to a separate mobile optimised store? First, let’s start with a definition of "responsive design". According...

How to choose a Magento agency

We are approached on average once a day about our services. Some of these approaches are well-considered, structured and exhibiting excellent attention to detail – well on the path to success. Some are destined to fail. Judging by what some businesses tell us about...

B2B e-commerce in Magento

Whilst Magento has established market leadership as an e-commerce platform capable of handling a wide range of B2C (business-to-consumer) requirements for online success, its ability to handle B2B (business-to-business) needs often goes unsung. Why embrace B2B...

5 years of Magento: a retrospective

February 2014: 5th anniversary of our work  with Magento It’s now 5 years since we made the decision to adopt and invest in Magento as the e-commerce platform we offer to our clients. This decision was existential in the fact that at Screen Pages all we do is offer...

E-commerce navigation: finding your way round

Tweet Some easy-to-implement principles about how to organise the products on your website and what mechanics you can employ to help your visitor find them. Getting visitors around an online shop is surely one of the biggest challenges of an e-commerce website. It is...

Mobile usage of e-commerce websites: research

Tweet Mobile accounts for 10% of ecommerce website visits, but converts at nearly half the rate of PC visitors - iPads and iPhones represent 80% of all mobile web browsing - Even smaller retailers losing hundreds of thousands of pounds by not understanding the mobile...


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